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Giulia Valentina is for modern women, who are free and passionate about life and are not afraid to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Created in a spirit of love, sharing and positive energy Giulia Valentina is beyond a fashion line, it is a state of mind. Our goal is to inspire women to pursue their dreams and to never stop believing in them.

Located in Montreal, we transformed our dreams into reality. Creating has always been an extension of ourselves. We enjoy creating unique and lovely items to wear and give. Our philosophy is to never give up and never stop believing in ourselves and our ideas. We were inspired by our daughter, Giulia Valentina, to create our Boutique and follow our dreams, she is our inspiration and our sunshine.

Nothing is impossible, one day she told us : if you can see it you can create it, those words were coming from a 6 year old girl. If you put your heart into it and keep a positive mindset, you’d be surprised what you can achieve, this is the legacy we want to leave to our daughter. Follow you heart and your dreams !! She is an amazing little girl that inspired us to follow our dreams.

Each piece of our jewelry collection is handcrafted with love, passion and are unique like each women. Giulia Valentina is always looking for unique and original style, quality of materials and positive approach towards life.